Y - y

yadi hik   

V. To remember; yAd AnA. tay te mon may yadi hin day. I remember what you said. Syn: ãga hik, phakum karik.

yadi onik   

V. To remember; yAd dlAnA. a tay yadi onim. I will remember you. Syn: yat karik.


N. Fight, argument. du bayawt yagi

yagi hik   

V. To be against. se may som yagi hiu day. He is against me. Syn: zit.


Sfx. Diminutive or endearment suffix. Whether this suffix denotes smallness or endearment depends on the user's intent. The diminutive form occurs typically on nouns and its form is not perfectly predictable. Note the examples below.


N. Trust, belief; yqyn. tasa thara may yakin. I trust him. Syn: bawar, barosa.

yakin karik   

V. To trust someone, believe in someone; yqyn krnA. se tasa thara yakin araw. He trusted him. Syn: barosa karik, bawar karik, patiik.


Adv. That is; y`ny. yani tasa kia wasa hiu haw, tan wasas mutabekuna mal del. That is, whatever his wealth, one gives according to his own wealth (for a bride). Syn: laka.


N. Friend; yAr, dwst. khoday yar. Good-bye! (lit: God (is your) friend). Syn: dus, dust, malgiri, raphek. See: dari.


N. Weapons; xtxyAr. jãguna hatya yarak somata gri parik bas'. For the fighting one must take weapons when he goes. Syn: wasila; Spec: badok axe; polat battle axe; tupanca revolver; rapal gun; tupek gun; tup cannon; politai rifle; mukai shotgun; gorai repeating rifle; yawbani single-shot rifle.


N. Friendship; dwsty. tan mocuna bo yardusti, apaw diman asta. There was great friendship between them. Syn: yari.

yardus, yardust   

N. Friend; yAr dwst.


N. Friendship; dwsty. Syn: yardusti.

yari dek   

V. To help someone. se tasi som yari praw. He helped them. may baza yari ne dan day. My hands are not cooperating with me.


N. Friends, those who work without pay; bGyr pyse ke mdd krne wAle gAo~ ke lwg, mdd gAr.

yas'i pariik   

V. To walk for rain. When it does not stop raining, the women may get together and walk to Tsiam. They do this to stop the rain without serious intention of going to Tsiam (where this is they are not sure).

yas'i parik   

V. To take a walk to stop the excessive rain.


N. Remembrance, memory; yAd. abi saw may bo yat hal'i day. I remember you all very much (lit: you all become much remembrance to me).

yat karik   

V. To remember. Syn: yadi onik.


Cnj. Or; yA. kaas mocay mishes ne, yaw kaas som pal'awi his ne? Why don't you mix with some other men or join a milk-sharing cooperative with someone else? Syn: khoyo.


N. Help; mdd. Syn: madat. Variant: yorwan.

yawan gar   

N. Helper; mddgAr.

yawan hik   

V. To be of help; mdd krnA. Restrict: Person helped is marked with som 'with' or hatya 'for'. Syn: madat hik.


N. Single-shot rifle; ek qsm ky bndoq. This is not as powerful as a gorai rifle. Gen: tupek gun; yarak weapon; Use: tyek to shoot; Classmates: rapal, tupanca, politai, gorai, mukai. Category: Tools.


Adj. Ravenous, greedy for food. shia suda bo yazid, har awatay uprai zhuiu day. This child is very ravenous, he takes food from all over and eats. Syn: shashãg, l'al'ic.


Sfx. Agent; -wAlA. lawan-yok. A liar. phand-yok. A deceiver. bihan-yok. A fearful person. pisht-yok A weak person.


Adj. Hot (in the sense of weather); grmy. ia se khaca yorwan' mastruk. This is a very hot month. Restrict: This adjective only modifies the words mastruk 'month' and adua 'day'.


N. Ambassador, representative.


N. Representative.

yos' doyu   

N. Messenger.

yos' hutik    abi tasi hatya yos' huti aik. te tasa som mon dan. We sent someone to mediate with them. They will talk with them.


N. Residue, remainder, root ends, source; jR. Syn: isnos, pu'ik.


N. A type of white bean; sfed lobyA. Gen: da'u beans.


N. Greece.


N. A kind of hawk; ek qsm kA bAz. Gen: pac'hĩyak bird; Syn: yurush.


N. Vein; rg.


N. Pulse; nbZ. yuruban pat'akaw day. (He) has a pulse. yuruban ruphi shiaw. (His/her) pulse has stopped. yuruban jiai. Check (his/her) pulse! Do: pat'akik to beat.


N. Hawk, falcon; ek qsm kA bAz. sayurush is the blacker of the hawks. The Kalasha word for this bird is warash. Gen: pac'hĩyak bird; Syn: yunj. See: sayurush. Morph: yuruzh.

yus karik   

V. To get sick in the mouth from lack of salt; nmk ky kmy se jAnwro~ kA bemAr honA. may payan yus kariu day, z'ar z'ar lõ' oni gordokas putras. My goats are getting mouth sickness, bring salt quickly, you son of a donkey (you should have known better). This is said of goats and sheep and cows. With the goats and cows it causes growths to grow in their mouths and they cannot eat. With sheep it happens in their liver. If they are given salt it goes away. Syn: zhã'gugok karik.